How to get started

Tax Preparation


How does it work to have a tax return prepared by Financial Forecasts Inc.?

The first step is to gather basic information and see a copy of the prior year’s tax return. This lets us see what types of information we will be looking to gather from you for preparing the current year’s tax return. This is also an easy way to gather names and social security numbers.

We generally like to look at the last three years tax returns at this point. The reason for this is because if we can find a mistake on these returns we can still amend them
and get you a refund. After 3 years refunds are not available. If we find a scenario where you would owe additional tax it’s generally better to correct this now to avoid the increase in IRS interest and penalties if they find the mistake. This choice is completely up to you.

We will also need to collect any tax documentation you have received pertaining to your current year’s income tax return.

Examples (W-2, 1099-DIV, Rental Income,1099-R’s, Social Security-SSA, Etc.)   

If you are unsure of what is important and what isn’t, just include anything in question and we will help determine by looking at the rest of your return and asking additional questions.


We can accept these documents by e-mail, fax, mail, or in person at our office. If you have a different method to send us these documents please let us know and we can work it out.

After we have the majority of the information for your return we will review everything. This involves organizing the information and making any notes about the return. 

The return is then prepared. If we suspect information is missing we will contact you and let you know what we are looking for to be able to complete your return. If we see items that can help your return we will also let you know about these needed figures. 

We are always available to answer any questions you may have throughout this process. Most questions generally arise after the preparation is completed and outcome is completed.

When the return is completed it is put in for a first check. After the first check is completed it is reviewed a second time for accuracy.

We will contact you and let you know the return is completed and ask what method you would like to finish the return unless you specified during the initial interview. We can complete the process via e-mail, fax, mail, or in person at our office.

We strive to electronically file all of our tax returns. Some returns can’t be filed in this method for various reasons but if it can be, we will finish the return this way.

Any documents you gave to us in person or by mail we will return to you. E-mail and faxed information will not be.

The next step is for the client to review the tax return. When you have reviewed and agree to the return simply sign the e-file authorization form and we will electronically file your tax return.

If the returns must be mailed we will prepare everything and give you detailed instructions for completion.

Everything is completed at this point.

If you are due a refund we will have this directly deposited to your bank account and if you owe money we will give you a voucher for mail payment or directions to pay taxes online.