Tax Preparation and Planning

Overseas taxpayers have a unique combination of circumstances that makes them different from statesiders. 



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Services and Pricing


Income Tax Preparation


Our tax returns generally start at $300 and go up from their based on the complexity. Our fee goes up for additional items like; rental properties, self-employment, stock/asset sales, household employees and other forms that require additional time and care.

All necessary State income tax returns are included in our pricing. We prepare our clients children's tax returns for free as long as they are still in school. The IRS has been pushing everyone to file electronically and we have a great amount of experience in this process and can explain and simplify this process taking all the work and stress out of your hands. 

Our process starts with a brief questionnaire gathering basic information unless you are a returning client. The next step is gathering all relevant tax information. After we have this information we review the basic questionnaire and or last year’s tax return and the clients tax information. We generate a list of further questions or additional information needs. After we have everything needed we prepare the tax return and allow the client to review and ask us any questions. Once the return has been approved by the client we have them sign an electronic filing authorization form and then we transmit the tax return securely to the IRS and or State government. If a refund is due to the client we can have this directly deposited to your bank. 

We enjoy helping explain the tax return to clients and giving them a better understanding of how their financial actions effect their tax scenario.

Always open for questions any time of year.  


Financial Planning


Our financial planning service is based on an hourly fee of $250. We do not sell any products or manage people’s money. We are here to help with reviewing retirement investments, future life planning and anything else that could be a financial issue.

With over 1,000 clients we have most likely seen the scenario and can help steer the client in the correct direction.

About Us


Barry and Bryan


Financial Forecasts Inc. was started in 1989 by Barry B. DeMarr a graduate of Virginia Tech and local resident of the Northern Virginia area for over 40 years. Barry DeMarr is an Enrolled Agent(EA) which allows him to sign Federal and State tax returns along with represent clients before the IRS. Tax preparation has been the base of the business from the start with a strong Foreign Service and Overseas client base. The business has grown every year since then as clients continue to experience a high level of service. In 2012 his son Bryan F. DeMarr returned to Northern Virginia after working 12 years at a tax and accounting office in the Tampa Bay area of Florida to work in the family business. This being a father and son business creates a different level of care for our clients and interest in the success of Financial Forecasts Inc. 


Financial Forecasts Inc. prepares all tax returns in office and does not outsource work.


In this day and age many tax preparation companies are outsourcing the work to either other people/countries or allow scanning software to prepare the returns for them. This is not how we work. We carefully review all information and have a double check system in place to ensure our accuracy. Old fashion homemade tax returns prepared here. 


True Tax?


The advent of the do it yourself software for preparing income taxes has been a benefit to the basic and simple return, unfortunately if you do not know the tax law you can easily be derailed and miss out on your true tax liability. We encourage clients to spend the time they save with our professional tax preparation on their review of retirement investments. Retirement accounts are normally forgotten about after they are set up. 

Across the street or across the world we can professionally prepare any tax return quickly and accurately.




Barry and Bryan DeMarr are both Enrolled Agents or EA's.

An Enrolled Agent is similar to a Certified Public Accountant(CPA) except that this designation does not involve any accounting. At Financial Forecasts Inc. we do not do any type of accounting or payroll work. Enrolled Agents can represent taxpayers before the IRS by passing a three part comprehensive test on tax law and regulations. Enrolled Agent status is the highest credential the IRS awards. Enrolled Agents have unlimited practice rights. This means that they are unrestricted as to which taxpayers they can represent, what types of tax matters they can handle, and which IRS offices they can represent clients before. Continuing educational requirements keeps Enrolled Agents up to date on current tax law changes and issues.